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Birthday Freebies

free food on birthday
Signing up for birthday freebies is a great way to inject some extra festivities into your special day without spending a fat wad of cash.  

Here are my favorite birthday freebies from national restaurant and store chains that I strongly recommend you snag.

Many of these offers are valid during the week around your birthday, so don't feel like you'll be gorging all day long on the actual day...unless of course you want that.

You do have to join mailing lists or free rewards programs for almost all of these offers, so be sure to click the links to get details about each individual deal.

And be sure to check out the top 15 mailing lists couponers should join.

Birthday Freebies

My friend The Couponess has a long list of birthday freebies and deals on her page too, so be sure to check out all those offers as well!