How To Use Digital Coupons At Dollar General

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I went to my local Dollar General yesterday and used digital coupons there for the first time, so I thought I would write up a quick how-to guide so other couponers would know what to expect!

The Dollar General digital coupon program is much easier to use then I had expected, which is good considering my cashier had no idea that the program even existed.

Here's what you'll need to do to get ready to use yours:

  • First things first: You need to register for a DG digital coupons account, which you can do here. You won't receive a card or anything like that -- your digital coupons are accessed by using your phone number at check-out.
  • Then once you set up your Dollar General digital coupons account, you can add coupons into your account directly from your computer or your phone.  Just click the + sign on the bottom right-hand corner of the coupon to add it into your account!
  • Digital coupons are good for one use per account.  So if you see a deal you really like, you'll need to set up each adult in your household with their own account via their phone numbers, then do individual transactions with each number.
  • When you're at the store and ready to check out, you'll wait for your cashier to scan all your items.  Then hit the gray button on the right-hand side of the keypad screen that says "DG Digital Coupons" and enter in your phone number.  
  • Don't freak out if you have to enter your phone number in twice -- I did.
  • Once you've entered in your phone number, the keypad screen will show your total cost drop to include your discounts.  Wait for that to happen BEFORE you pay -- if you swipe your card before you see your discounts, your cashier will have to void the transaction and start over if your digital coupons don't load.

So here's the small deal I did yesterday to test out the Dollar General digital coupons program:

  • Eckrich Smoked Sausage -- on sale for $2.50 per pack (normally $3.25 each) with a $1 off digital coupon available.
  • Nabisco Saltines -- priced at $2.60 per box.  There's a $2 off $2.01 digital coupon available that I used on this one.  Keep in mind that the $2 off $2.01 coupon is available to load and use through October 3, 2014 only -- so the next couple of days are a great time to try out this new program!

  • So after my digital coupons were applied, my total dropped from $5.10 down to just $2.10. That's better than 50% off my little purchase, with nothing to do but to enter my phone number.  Pretty sweet!
NOTE: According to the Dollar General coupon policy, we can stack manufacturer coupons with digital coupons, but ONLY if the digital coupons are store coupons.

You'll be able to tell which is which when you're loading them to your account -- the store coupons say "DG Store Coupon" in the top left-hand corner, as seen in the photo below:

Again, it doesn't seem like the Dollar General cashiers are getting trained consistently on this program.  

So if you are stacking coupons, I STRONGLY recommend you print and bring the DG coupon policy with you to the store.  

Otherwise, I guarantee some of you will run into cashiers who don't know you can stack digital store coupons and manufacturer coupons on a single item.