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FREE Couponing Checklist: 5 Simple Steps To Saving Money!

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Need to cut costs at the grocery store?  The fastest way to build your couponing skills is to get organized -- no matter if you're a coupon newbie or just coming back from a coupon break.

Here's an easy couponing checklist for you to review to ensure you are ready to SAVE:
  • Do you have a consistent source of coupons?  It's pretty much impossible to save consistently if you only get coupons every once in a while -- plus when a really good deal comes out, you are already behind everyone else who's hustling to the store while you track down your coupons!  So make sure you have your coupons flowing to you each and every week -- not only will it save you money, but also a lot of time and stress too!  ANSWER: If you live in or around the San Antonio area, I recommend signing up for a discounted newspaper subscription (either here or here!)  
  • Do you know your coupon policies?  You're going to cost yourself time, money, and sometimes some embarrassment if you are trying to do deals at stores that don't adhere to that chain's coupon policy.  And every chain has its own little quirks -- so just because you understand how to coupon at Target doesn't necessarily mean you are saving all you can at Walmart, for example.  ANSWER: Go here to get all the coupon policies of the national chains available in the San Antonio area.
  • Have you taken a coupon class?  This step is really more about knowing how you learn.  If you are the sort of person who can learn just from Googling and watching YouTube videos, then you may not need a coupon class.  But if you learn more by listening and/or doing, a coupon class will build your confidence more quickly.  That means the cost of the class will pay for itself over and over again because you are out there getting deals and building a stockpile instead of watching other people save on social media!  ANSWER: If you live in San Antonio, go here to sign up for a coupon class taught by coupon queen Brenda Anz and myself!  (Brenda also has in-person classes available on Sunday, February 26 -- click the date for more info about those classes.)  Otherwise, I recommend googling your town's name + coupon classes to find local teachers in your area! 
  • Do you know how to use a coupon database and/or coupon apps?  If you don't think of yourself as a techie person, this can seem really intimidating.  But most apps and databases are very easy to use and can be figured out quickly just by playing around for a few minutes.  ANSWER: Go here for my free coupon database.  If you only start with a couple of apps, I recommend Ibotta (go either here or here), the HEB app (for Texas shoppers), MileUp, and Retale.
  • Do you have a consistent source of deals?  Once you've learned how to coupon, then you just need to keep on top of current and upcoming deals as they come out.  This is the step that new couponers can spend a LOT of time on -- because there are literally hundreds of thousands of Facebook groups, IG pages, and blogs devoted to couponing.  ANSWER: I recommend signing up for my free daily deal digest and get everything sent to your email inbox each morning!  And of course the Saving Our Way in SA Facebook group is a terrific resource for finding clearance deals, unadvertised sales, and a lot more around San Antonio.
Check off these five simple steps and you too will be on your way to saving 30% to 50% off on your weekly grocery bills!