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Save Big On Newspaper Subscriptions: As Low As $1 Per Week!

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It's a couponing rite of passage -- you get up early on Sunday morning and run to the gas station or the grocery store to snag your weekly paper.

You pay a ton of money for just one copy -- in fact, the San Antonio Express-News just raised their price to $4! -- and then when you get home, you realize that all the coupons you expected aren't even inside.

What gives?

It's a little-known secret that newspaper subscribers are actually the ONLY readers guaranteed inserts each week.

When you buy the paper on the street or from a store, you might get lucky and get your coupons -- or you might not.

And sure, the local weekly free papers also often have coupon inserts -- but as we've discussed before, the highest value coupons and the coupons for the most popular brands are saved for the Sunday newspapers.

Luckily, I found us all a way to save both money AND time.  No more waking up early Sunday to run pre-couponing errands.

And no more paying full price for the newspaper, either!

Starting August 29, 2016, Spend Less, Shop More has teamed up with a national discount subscription service to offer an exclusive discount to my readers.

We can sign up for weekly Sunday delivery for the San Antonio Express-News for just $1 per week -- 75% off the cost of buying the paper at your neighborhood store.

And YES, we can buy multiple subscriptions at this low rate!  Households can snag up to five weekly papers for just $5 each week.  

Interested?  Email me at jennking1001@gmail.com for more details.  Use the email title "$1 Sunday Subscription" so I'll see it faster!

And if you're interested but live in another town, I have over 40 other newspapers that might work for you -- including Austin, Ft. Worth, Houston, Waco, and multiple other Texas towns!  So email me and put your city in the email -- I'll see what I can track down for you.

Happy couponing, everyone!

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