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How To Get Extra Coupons For Your Binder

Are you a new couponer trying to build up your collection of coupons?  The Sunday San Antonio Express-News is a great resource for local coupon hunters, but it's not the only game in town.

In fact, there are plenty of other free or low-cost options for bargain hunters looking to snag high-value coupons.

So don't spend money and waste paper by buying stacks of Sunday papers -- you can score all the coupons you need with just a little creativity and a few dollars per week.

Check out some of my favorite ways to get extra coupons -- note that these are skewed for San Antonio readers, but some suggestions will work wherever you live:

Best Ways To Get Extra Coupons For Your Coupon Binder

Prime Time Newspapers.  Prime Time Incorporated publishes a series of weekly newspapers that are delivered free to doorsteps in select San Antonio neighborhoods.  Don't toss these straight into the recycling!  They usually have the Smartsource insert from the previous Sunday newspaper, plus the Red Plum insert from the upcoming Sunday newspaper.

So for example, my neighborhood receives the Herald on Thursday mornings.  This week, I will get a paper with the 5/19 Smartsource insert, and the 5/26 Red Plum insert.  If your neighborhood doesn't receive these, ask around to see if your friends or family get them -- they may be willing to save them for you.

The San Antonio Light, Glance, or La Conexion.  These are all other specialty weekly papers that the Express-News prints, and they will usually also have coupons inside.  Most are available for delivery; call (210) 250-2000 to find out which papers you can sign up for.

Your mailbox.  Not all junk mail is created equal in San Antonio.  HEB, for example, will send out copies of its Weekly Ad, featuring all of its loss-leader promotions for the week.  There will usually be also pizza and fast food coupons snuggled inside that circular -- and many neighborhoods will also receive a Red Plum insert in that circular as well.

Coupons.com. Speaking of printing off coupons -- you should always stop at www.coupons.com before heading out to the grocery store.  Printable coupons are updated at the beginning of the month, and sporadically throughout the month as well, so there's always new savings there.  Most coupons let you print twice!

Start a coupon box.  Ask your workplace, church, or school to let you set up a coupon box, where people can leave their unused coupons.  You will be shocked at how many people you know don't use coupons at all -- or at least don't use the ones you're interested in!

Join a coupon swap.  This is a fun and free way to get more coupons you need, plus trade stories and money-saving tips with other couponers.  I host two free coupon swaps each month -- one on the northeast side of San Antonio, and one on the northwest side.  Watch the SABGE Facebook page for when the RSVP sheets get posted!

Also, be sure to search Facebook for coupon and swap groups in your town or neighborhood!

Use a coupon clipping service.  If you're just hunting a few specific brands or items (say, diapers) it might be a better use of time and money to simply order the coupons you need.  I like Coupon Dede, who is based in New Braunfels -- so I can get the coupons I order within a day or two!

Savvy shoppers will score extra copies of high-value coupons when they keep up with these easy checks, and will be able to stock up when they see a great sale at the grocery store.  Those dollar off coupons add up quick!

If you're a more experienced couponer, what are your tips to collecting more coupons?  Share your suggestions in the comments section!


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    1. Hi Blondie -- You are welcome to share the link back to the post, along with a bit of description! Please do not copy and paste the entire post, however -- it's a violation of Blogger terms of service. :D

  2. Make friends with the person at the filling station and ask them to take out the inserts before they newspaper is replaced. The carriers throw it away in the recycle bin.


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