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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Sunday 2016: Which Stores Are Open Or Closed?

Easter is possibly one of the more difficult grocery shopping holidays to plan for, because stores are all over the place on how they handle the holiday.  

I don't want anyone to waste time on their holiday figuring out where they can go to get diapers/pain medications/extra bread, or whatever people inevitably need more of on a major holiday -- so here's a run-down of which stores will be open on Easter Sunday 2016, and hours of operation if I could get them.

Some of these stores are specific to the San Antonio area, while others are national chains.  If a local store in your area isn't listed, I highly suggest giving them a call before the holiday rolls around -- more stores appear to be closing this year than in years past, and I'd hate for you to get jammed up assuming the store is open.

Which stores will be open on Easter Sunday 2016?

  • CVS -- CVS chains throughout the country will be open close to normal hours on Easter Sunday, although some Minute Clinics will be closed, plus the pharmacy will open late and close early.  AND we have some great deals to pick up there beginning on Easter, including two freebies and 50% off Huggies!
  • Costco -- Costco stores will be closed for the holiday, reopening at their normal time on Monday morning.
  • Dollar General -- Most Dollar General stores will be open, but some may have limited hours depending on their location.  From what I could tell in San Antonio, most will be open by 10am at the latest, and will start closing around 7pm.  Go here to see this week's ad recap!
  • Dollar Tree -- Open regular hours on the holiday.
  • Family Dollar -- It looks like stores are open regular hours on Easter Sunday.
  • HEB -- All HEB stores in the entire chain will be closed for the Easter holiday, with most reopening by 6am Monday morning.
  • Sam's Club -- Closed for the holiday.
  • Sprouts -- Texas stores will be open standard business hours on Easter Sunday.
  • Starbucks -- Mall locations will be closed, as well as a lot of licensed stores inside other locations (like the Target cafes.)  Standalone company stores typically close an hour or two early on Easter, so check with your favorite location, and don't forget to tip the barista!
  • Target -- It looks like most stores will be closed, although there are evidently some small pockets of stores that might remain open.  Check with your favorite location.
  • Walgreens -- Open regular hours for Easter Sunday, but with limited pharmacy hours.  Check out the best deals of the week at Walgreens here.  And don't forget to grab your free photo print through Monday, March 28!
  • Walmart -- It looks like most Walmarts will be open regular hours, although again there are some stores changing around their hours of operation for Easter.  Check with your favorite location.
  • Whole Foods -- the San Antonio locations will be open their normal Sunday hours, 8am to 9pm.
Have a wonderful Easter if you celebrate it, and a relaxing day off if you don't!