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5 Top Couponing Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

Trying to figure out how to save more money for your family?  The answer may be resting in your favorite piece of technology -- your phone!

There are a ton of couponing apps available on the market, but here are my top picks for the five couponing apps every couponer should have on their phone -- and why!

NOTE: All these apps are free, but most of them do require a smartphone (although you can access select features of each app online.)

5 Top Couponing Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

Ibotta – my hands-down favorite rebate app, and one of the first national apps to hit the market a couple of years ago!  

Ibotta gives you cash back on certain brands and items once you purchase them in your grocery store (and it works at almost every chain out there right now!)  To claim a rebate, you just need to complete one or two short activities.  Then purchase your item, scan the barcode, and finally upload a photo of your receipt from your phone to your app.  

It sounds like a lot of effort, but it’s a breeze once you do it once or twice – the app is very user-friendly!  I have personally earned over $2300 in Ibotta rebates since the app launched.  

For more tips on using Ibotta, go here.  To sign up for Ibotta, use this link.

Checkout 51 – very similar to Ibotta, except that you don’t have to scan the barcode or do any activities.  Just buy your item and take a photo of the receipt, then upload the photo to your app! 
Checkout 51 rebates run from Thursday to Wednesday, and sometimes you can buy multiples of the same item and then submit for multiple rebates.  In fact, I just got a $45 check in the mail for Checkout 51 for a rebate last month on Dove products that was a total money-maker at Walmart!  

To sign up for Checkout 51, use this link.

Snap by Groupon – works almost exactly like Checkout 51, except that rebates kind of show up randomly.  So check it frequently (or check my blog, because I’ll do a shout out when I see something really good!)  

Current freebies on Snap by Groupon at time of publication include FREE Glade at HEB, FREE Gevalia Iced Coffee at Target, and FREE Clorox ScrubSingles at Walgreens.  

To sign up for Snap by Groupon, use this link.

HEB Mobile App – for Texas readers only (if you're not in Texas, HEB is a locally beloved grocery chain based where I live in San Antonio.)

I love love love this app, because it gives you access to a) exclusive digital coupons, and b) you can price-check ANY ITEM that your HEB carries.  So no more racing to the store to check deals – do it on your phone and get organized before you ever leave your house!  

Check my HEB Bargain Hunter blog for a video tour of the app, or to sign up for the app, text MOBILE to 83381 and that will send you the link for either Apple or Android.

CVS Mobile App – Another awesome app that shows you deals in your store, plus it tracks how much you save across the course of a year (I know couponers who are on track to save $7500 on their purchases at CVS this year alone!) 

When you download the app and link your Extra Care card, you’ll also receive $3 in FREE Extra Bucks, which you can use with other coupons to get all sorts of freebies.  I have some ideas here that are good at the time of publication!

To sign up for the CVS mobile app, text APP to 287277 to have the link texted directly to your phone.

BONUS INFO: Did you know that both my blogs have FREE apps for Android users?  (Sorry, no iPhone apps – they are super expensive to produce.)  That way, you get EVERY deal sent to your phone and accessible whenever you need them!  

Just download them directly (you might have to turn your phone's security settings down just to download, since they aren't available on Google Play.)  Go here for HEB Bargain Hunter or go here for Spend Less, Shop More!

What are your favorite couponing apps to use?  I would love to hear your tips and suggestions in the comments!

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