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How To Coupon At Walgreens: Best Tips & Tricks For New Couponers

New couponers can save big money on their grocery shopping by stepping outside the grocery aisles of Target and Walmart.  

Local drugstore chains also compete for that business -- hard, with freebies and half-price deals available almost every week!  

Here is a look at how to save money when shopping at Walgreens.

First things first: in order to get any sale prices at Walgreens, you need to sign up for a free Balance Rewards card.  You can snag a card from your cashier, or request one online at Walgreens.com.  Once you've registered the card, just show it whenever you purchase -- or enter your phone number in the cash register keypad -- in order to score your savings!

Read more about how the Balance Rewards card works here.

Next, Walgreens uses a bounceback coupon system at the registers to promote significant savings for the customers.  Their system is called Register Rewards.  Select items, that change on a weekly or monthly basis, will prompt a bounceback coupon to print at the register following purchase.  

You can use coupons to purchase items that generate Register Rewards...and sometimes, the Register Reward is for the complete amount of the item, which means you can actually make money to buy that item if you have a coupon!

Now, these Register Rewards print from a separate machine, not at the bottom of the customer's receipt.  This means shoppers need to watch carefully to make sure they print -- if the coupon machine is out of paper or otherwise malfunctioning, the cashiers will not necessarily catch that fact.  Managers, however, can reprint Register Rewards from another register if necessary.

See this week's Register Reward deals here.

Walgreens is one of the few retail chains left that allows customers to use both in-store coupons and manufacturers coupons for the same product.  The trick is that you can't use more coupons than items you're purchasing.  

So if you have a Walgreens coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the same item, you will need to purchase at least one other (hopefully cheap!) item in the same transaction.  Those are called 'filler items.'  I usually look for a pencil or a pack of gum -- something in the quarter to 50 cents range that will not cost more than the coupons I want to use.

Read more about the Walgreens coupon policy here.

If you're new to shopping at Walgreens, what other questions do you have?  If you're an experienced Walgreens couponer, please share any extra tips or tricks in the comments section!

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