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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Black Friday Deals 2015: Top Couponing Apps For Your Phone

(Disclosure: **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.)

Planning out your Black Friday shopping list for 2015?  

If you aren't using couponing apps on your smartphone, you will definitely be paying more than you need this holiday season.

Here are my picks for the top couponing and money-saving apps for Black Friday shoppers this year.

NOTE: All of these apps are free, and can be found on either Google Play or the Apple Store as necessary.

And if you see offers for the same store on multiple apps, you can totally use the same receipt and submit it on both apps for additional savings!

5 Top Couponing Apps for Black Friday 2015

  • Find & Save.  If you're not familiar with Find & Save, it's a free rebate app that gives you cash back for shopping a variety of stores each week.  At time of publication, stores with cash-back offers on the app include Best Buy, Kohl's, Bath & Body Works, Dollar General, and more -- that sounds like a Black Friday shopping list to me!  Plus each week you can submit ANY store receipt from any store for your chance to win a $500 shopping spree!  When you download the app, I would love it if you would use my referral code M5BP!

  • Ibotta – my hands-down favorite rebate app, and one of the first national apps to hit the market a couple of years ago!  I have personally earned $3733 on this app alone since it launched.  We already have a slew of Black Friday offers on Ibotta, including cash back on chains like Best Buy, Famous Footwear, Hallmark, Macy's, and more.  And If you're new to Ibotta, you can also qualify for an additional $10 bonus within 30 days of downloading and using the app.  Go HERE for more information!  To sign up for Ibotta, use this link.

  • Shopkick.  This app has been around for years, but it's a terrific app to use over Black Friday weekend -- since you basically earn gift cards just by walking into stores (which is something you'll be doing a lot of those three days!)  You can earn additional 'kicks' (basically points) by scanning select barcodes in stores -- and those kicks add up quickly.  I know couponers who are financing much of their Black Friday shopping through this app!
  • CVS Mobile App – Another awesome app that shows you deals in your store, plus it tracks how much you save across the course of a year (I know couponers who are on track to save $7500 on their purchases at CVS this year alone!) When you download the app and link your Extra Care card, you’ll also receive $3 in FREE Extra Bucks, which you can use with other coupons to get all sorts of freebies.  $3 doesn't sound like much, but check out our list of pre-Black Friday freebies at CVS to see how far it can really go.  To sign up for the CVS mobile app, text APP to 287277 to have the link texted directly to your phone.

  • HEB Mobile App – for Texas readers only (if you're not in Texas, HEB is a locally beloved grocery chain based where I live in San Antonio.)  I love love love this app, because it gives you access to a) exclusive digital coupons, and b) you can price-check ANY ITEM that your HEB carries.  So no more racing to the store to check deals – do it on your phone and get organized before you ever leave your house!  That's going to be super-helpful once we have the Black Friday ad for HEB Plus stores. Check my HEB Bargain Hunter blog for a video tour of the app, or to sign up for the app, text MOBILE to 83381 and that will send you the link for either Apple or Android.
What are your favorite apps to use over Black Friday weekend?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!