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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CVS Deals: Tide Detergent $1.74 Per Bottle Starting September 27, 2015!

photo credit: Free Stuff Finder
Rumor has it we will be seeing a HOT $2 off Tide coupon in the 9/27 P&G inserts!

This is perfect timing, since CVS will have Tide as part of a Spend $30, Get $10 back in Extra Bucks offer also beginning on Sunday, September 27.

So after all discounts, we'll be able to stock up on 50 oz bottles of Tide for as low as $1.74 apiece!

That's hands-down the lowest price we've seen on Tide in months, so you'll definitely want to take advantage of this deal if you need laundry detergent.

First things first: if you're new to shopping at CVS, you'll want to go here to check out my how-to guide.  It will save you a lot of time and stress, I promise!

Once you've read that, here's how the math works out:

  • Tide Liquid Detergent -- 37 to 50 oz bottles on sale for $5.94, with $10 back in Extra Bucks when you spend $30 or more.
  • Buy five bottles, plus a 8 oz bottle of Dawn Hand Soap (on sale for 99 cents, and also part of the Extra Bucks offer.)
  • All six items will ring in at $30.69 before coupons, which is plenty to trigger your $10 Extra Bucks to print at the end of your receipt.
  • Use five $2 off Tide coupons from the 9/27 P&G inserts, plus a 25 cents off Dawn coupon also in the 9/27 P&G insert.
  • All six coupons will take a total of $10.25 off your purchase.
  • So you'll pay $20.44 out of pocket for everything, and then you'll receive your $10 back in Extra Bucks to use next time.
  • That's like paying a final price of $10.44 for six items after all discounts -- or just $1.74 apiece!
NOTE: You'll see in the fine print of the Tide coupons that these are limit four like coupons per transaction.

So you'll want to split up your purchases into two transactions -- maybe four bottles of Tide on the first transaction, then the last bottle of Tide and your Dawn on the second transaction.

But don't worry, your Extra Care card tracks how much you've spent towards your various Extra Bucks offers.  That means you don't have to try to buy everything in one transaction.

And in this case, your $10 in Extra Bucks will print on the bottom of your second receipt!