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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Thrifty Girlfriends’ Guide to Couponing At Spend Less, Shop More

The Thrifty Girlfriends' Guide to Couponing is everything your best friends won't tell you to your face --but probably should -- about staying calm while couponing, coupon abuse, misuse and why you hear crickets when you ask questions in groups.
 "Hey there! Hello?!?"
((Whispering))  "You, have a booger hanging from your nose."
"I just wanted to tell you so you don't walk around all day with it just - OUT THERE!!" ((Soft giggling ensues))
This ever happen to you too? I always appreciate the "booger police" because I hate knowing it was there all along and someone should have told me but NO ONE bothered to tell me, ALL DAY!!

Jenn and Em are telling IT like it really IS in this Girlfriends’ Guide To Couponing. It’s everything someone SHOULD be telling you to your face (but probably won’t) about couponing, coupon etiquette and some common sense advice on “keeping calm when things go wrong” from seasoned pro Jenn. 

Let us help you save face and avoid common mistakes new couponers make when starting out!

Advice from your thrifty girlfriends (or TGFs) - Em and Jenn

TGF Em says: "Keep it real, girlfriend! 

We ALL LOVE FREE but when you figure in the time, cost of coupons, if you happen to buy your papers and the gas to drive to the stores - then free just ain't free, baby! 

Couponing = discount, not F-R-E-E. Just be sure and keep a realistic and down to earth idea of saving money with coupons. 

We like to post the free deals all day long, but we also pay for items ALL the time too, we just don't ever pay FULL RETAIL price!"

TGF Em says:  "Sorry to burst your bubble sweetie, but couponers have NO rights. 

It's a true privilege to use coupons to save money and if we abuse, misuse and overuse coupons then manufacturers and retailers make the consumers pay the price to make up for the loss.

Please be courteous and nice and remember that you represent all of us thrifty girlfriends everywhere when you do your coupon deals! Make us proud!"

TGF Jenn says:  "ANY savings you create over what you are currently spending is an improvement for your family. 

Don't stress if you aren't matching the large crazy haul photos you've seen online. 

If you usually spend $100 a week at the grocery store, and you are able to save 25% off with coupons, that's an annual savings of $1300 for your family! 

And if you are able to save $1300 for your family towards your goals -- whether that's savings, paying bills, education, or heck, vacations and manicures! -- then GO YOU."

TGF Jenn says: "Yes, it's frustrating to see empty shelves when you get to the store. But odds are good it isn't just one couponer who swiped All. The. Things. 

Other possibilities: a) your store didn't get enough in b) your store got the product in but it's still in the back c) your store got product in and 40 other shoppers each bought two! 

If you're constantly finding empty shelves, ask your store when they unload their trucks -- and be there when they do!"

TGF Jenn says: "Companies set limits on their coupons because they have to manage a set marketing budget that they can afford to spend on a brand. 

If a company budgets, say, $10,000 in discounts on a brand, but has to reimburse grocery stores $50,000 because shoppers were misusing the coupon and/or ignoring limits per transaction, it results in fewer coupons from that company in the future."

TGF Em says: "Couponing is hard and learning to coupon is even harder. 

Be patient with yourself and it is a TON of information to learn so slow down and follow this motto - "Keep Calm and Coupon On!"

You might be a couponer if....any of the above apply to you!" 

TGF Em says: (I was soooohhh guilty of this when I started out so I make it my personal mission to help all new couponers not make the same mistake!) 

"Read the entire coupon deal post AND comments and THEN ask questions. The person posting the deal took the time to snap a perfect haul picture to share and write up the entire deal and breakdown, so please be nice and read it, even if it is loooooong. 

Make sure to read ALL of the comments to see if someone has already asked and answered your question. 

If you end up being a repeat offender because you never read the whole post and comments then everyone will start to ignore every question you ask and we ALL feel uncomfortable!"

TGF Em says: "Couponing is very personal and unique because no two households, budgets or deals are alike. You will need to do plenty of your own legwork and research to find your own deals and savings. 

I see many new couponers take a picture of their coupon and then ask the group where is the best place to use it. Girlfriend, everyone is so busy hunting down their own deals that they can't stop to find yours too! 

The ones who share their deals are usually the bloggers, and they can't share ALL the deals, I mean, when would they sleep, eat and live a life? lol 

You can easily Google search for deals for your product in particular, visit the blogger's actual website to see if you find a deal post and check the weekly store ads yourself. Most of these are available online or on your phone to easily view."

Look for more TGFs tips and advice in the future!  Be sure and share The Thrifty Girlfriends' Guide to Couponing with your best thrifty friends too!  Happy Couponing!

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