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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why Couponers Should Be On Tsu (And Top Tips From A Tsu Super-User!)

photo credit: auddonkrippcoupons
Have you heard about the new social network Tsu?  It's a HOT place for couponers right now and there is a very active community of bloggers, extreme couponers, and newbies sharing their deals from all over the country.

If you're a little leery about learning how to work a brand-new social media site, don't worry -- I asked fellow couponer and Tsu super-user Audrey to share her top tips to couponing on Tsu!  Here's what she has to say:

Why Tsu?  A Couponer Explains What You Need To Know

I have been couponing for about 5 years now. I have gone from newbie to extreme and back in that time. I am now more of a frugal shopper. I am on several groups and follow many pages on Facebook. 

However, I was disappointed in the participation of the groups and the sharing of information with each other. So, I joined Instagram to find other couponers. It was really good at first because with a few hashtags (#couponing, #extremecouponers, etc) I could find like-minded individuals and follow great deals. I have been on there for about a year. 

In the beginning of November 2014, a couponer that I follow sent me an invite to a new social network called Tsu. They told me that I could find other couponers on there and make money at the same time. I was intrigued so I joined, my main reason being that I wanted an easy place to find deals and network with other couponers. 
photo credit: auddonkrippcoupons

Making money was really a cherry on top - kind of like when you find that you can get a double rebate on an item from Ibotta and Checkout 51! For the most part, I pretty much only use Tsu for my couponing. It just makes sense for me to share my deals on there and get paid for them.

In the 3 months that I have been on Tsu, I have found over 1000 couponing/frugal friends, almost a 1000 followers, and I am following around 300 other tsu users. It wasn’t easy getting to this point. I don’t say this to brag, more to say that if I can do it, anyone can do it. 

The most important thing that I have learned is that you must stay active. You must interact with other users and share your own deals as well. Remember like any other activity, you will get out as much as you put in. To this day I have earned over $45. 

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but I earned it doing the same thing I was doing on Facebook for 5 years. To this date I have earned $0 from Facebook and Instagram for my deals. 

photo credit: auddonkrippcoupons

If you are ready for a positive change, come join me on Tsu using my invite code!

Audrey's Top Tips To Couponing On Tsu

photo credit: auddonkrippcoupons
  •       The very first thing to do is set up your profile. Add a picture and a cover photo. Write a brief Bio about yourself. Mine shows what stores that I coupon at and say that I am into couponing. This makes it easier for people to find you.
  •       When setting up your @ name that appears remember that you want people to know your interests. For instance, mine was @auddonkripp but that was a little ambiguous so I changed it to @auddonkrippcoupons. This makes it easier for people to know more about me when I post on their content or share their posts.
  •       Start by following and friending people with similar interests as you. Most likely over half of them will accept or follow you back. I try to friend fellow couponers and follow others in areas that I am interested like writing, cooking, mothers, etc. The best way to find people with the same interest is to look at the friends of other couponers. You can also search #couponer and it will pull up the users who are couponers and you can send them a friend request.
  •       Try to use up all your posts and shares per day to get the most views you can on your posts.
  •       TSUPER IMPORTANT Don’t focus on the money. Focus on your followers and friends. Provide them with original content and interact with them. The rest will follow on its own. The more you interact the more you will make.
  •       Do not follow someone who is your friend. This wastes your follows. Either way they will get your posts in their timelines.
  •       You can share 8 posts each day, so share only the best content. If you see the same deal from 5 different people, then assume so has everyone else. I try to share from my children first, my parent, then others that have deals I have not seen.
  •       You can make 24 posts daily. That’s more than enough to influence people. Note that if you would like to post more, you can delete a post that is not very popular and post a new one. Never delete a post that has already been shared.
  •       Never copy someone else’s post either by cropping, copying, etc. and post as your own content. This is stealing and can get you banned. If you are out of shares, tag the creator and ask them to post it on your wall. Then it will continue the chain and they will get paid and you will be able to share the content you wanted to with your friends/followers.
  •       Don’t repost spammy posts that say “share” this and we all get rich. These are super annoying and are counter effective for you.
  •       Asking for #follow4 follow on every post will fill your own feed with low quality content. Also, you look so desperate and”real” followers (yes those who actually engage in a post) will not engage in your posts.
  •       When you comment on posts, make them interesting because people will click on your name and hopefully follow you because they like what/how you write. Do not write one word comments.
  •       When someone shares your content remember to acknowledge them. I have my settings set to send me emails when someone shares my content. This way I can see their name even if it was 12 hours ago. I then go to the shared post and thank them.
  •       Use visual images when possible vs. lines or blocks of text. People tend to engage more on images than words. Use memes, funny pictures and shocking photos. When you are sharing a deal try to add a picture of the deal and not just the breakdown. This will catch fellow couponers attention.
  •       Use top trending hashtags to generate new followers like #tsu #tsunami #tsunation. When you are more focused on the area of couponing, always tag your posts #couponcommunity and #couponfamily.
  •       TSUPER IMPORTANT Have fun. The most important part of Tsu is interaction. It is Social Media so go out there and meet new people. Share your deals. Learn new tips. Help others to learn how to coupon. Help be the change in our community.

photo credit: auddonkrippcoupons

Here are some Tsuers that you might want to follow or friend. Go check them out as they are active in the #couponcommunity. These are just a place for you to get started.