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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CVS Deals: Coca-Cola 12-Packs As Low As $2 Each (Starting 5/17!)

Here's some exciting news for all you Coke and Diet Coke drinkers!

I was looking through the upcoming CVS ad for May 17 - 23, 2015, and it looks like we have a new $5 Extra Bucks deal on Coke products when we spend $15 or more!

Now, Coca-Cola sales tend to vary from region to region, so I can't guarantee the actual sale price in the ad scan online will match up locally with what you find in your stores.

But here's the best-case scenario to watch for:

  • Coca-Cola 12-packs -- on sale for $3 each, with $5 back in Extra Bucks when you spend $15 or more.
  • Buy five packs for a pre-coupon price of $15.  
  • NOTE: You'll need to split this purchase into two transactions, since the fine print in the ad says Limit 4.  Your $5 in Extra Bucks will print on your second receipt.
  • Your final price after all discounts could be as low as $10 for all five packs, or just $2 each!
If you have any My Coke Rewards coupons in your collection, this deal could get even sweeter!