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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

99 Cents Only Stores: Hot Deals + Video Tips!

Here are a few really cool deals my friend Brenda and I spotted at our local 99 Cents Only store this morning!

A few things to know about the 99 Cents Only stores -- product changes from location to location, and also daily within the same store.

So there are no guarantees you'll be able to find the exact same deal in a store near you -- but these should give you a good sense of what kind of deals can be available!

And also, 99 Cents Only stores don't accept coupons.  So keep in mind that some items you spot on the shelves may be cheaper at Dollar Tree or another chain you can coupon at.

Check out some of our scores:

  • Slim-Fast Shakes -- individual bottles sold 2 for $1.  By comparison, an 8-pack of these normally goes for $9.98 at HEB!  So you can buy eight here for $4 and just lose the outer packaging.
  • Glutino Gluten-Free Crackers -- on sale for 99 cents per box.  Anyone who shops gluten-free knows how hard it is to find inexpensive products!  We also found some nice deals on Udi's Gluten Free offerings that you'll see on one of the video clips.
  • Gatorade -- 32 oz bottles on sale for 99 cents, plus on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale.  So that's 3 for $1.98, which works out to 66 cents per bottle.  That's a nice price, especially considering we don't often see Gatorade coupons.
  • Milk -- on sale for $2.49 per gallon, compared to HEB, which sells milk for $3.48 per gallon.  Plus, you can submit for a 25 cent rebate on the Shrink app right now, which makes your final price just $2.24!
And here are a couple of quick video tips you can watch: