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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Target Deals: Hello Kitty One Spot Merchandise 30 Cents Each

Check your local Target for possible unadvertised clearance on assorted Hello Kitty merchandise in the One Spot dollar section!

I was at my store this evening (the Forum, for San Antonio readers) and found a whole slew of Hello Kitty goodies on sale for a whopping 70% off shelf prices.

That means many items will be as low as 30 cents each -- no coupons necessary!

 I think these would make perfect goody bag items for a birthday party, or you could definitely tuck some of these away for Easter baskets or even next Christmas.

My favorite items I spotted were the reusable Hello Kitty bags -- I had to physically restrain myself for clearing the shelf on these!  At 30 cents each, they are cheaper than gift bags!

I can't guarantee these will be on clearance at all Target locations, but it definitely doesn't hurt to look if you're already making a trip.

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