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Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Target Coupon Program Launches: Meet Cartwheel By Target

new Target coupon program
Calling all Target shoppers -- there's a new coupon program in beta testing right now!  Meet Cartwheel by Target, a brand-new savings program that runs through your Facebook profile.

And before we get into the details of how Cartwheel by Target works, let me just reassure everyone: Target coupons are not going away.  

In fact, we will be able to stack the Cartwheel savings on top of manufacturer and store coupons!  Woot woot!

Here's how Cartwheel works:

First, things first: go link your Facebook profile up at Cartwheel.  You must have a Facebook account to use this site, and yes, they will be asking you to share that info with Target.  This is a social media savings program, where you can share coupons and deals with your Facebook friends.  If you're anti-Facebook, or anti-sharing info with companies on Facebook, this is not going to be a program for you.

Next, look around, and add your favorite offers to your Cartwheel. You’ll know when an offer is on your Cartwheel when a red check appears in the corner of the card.  It will look like this:

how Cartwheel by Target works

When you’re ready to purchase your items at a Target store, you can either print your Cartwheel barcode from your desktop at home, or you can use your mobile device in store to access your barcode using your mobile browser. 

When checking out, present your mobile or print barcode to the cashier just as you would any other coupon. The cashier will scan your barcode and you’ll automatically receive your savings on all of the Cartwheel offers on your list!

Once you join Cartwheel, you automatically earn space to claim 10 deals at a time -- but you can earn more deals by unlocking Cartwheel badges.

Since this is a beta program, we couponers are basically using a program and testing it for errors and bugs for Target.  So there could be some quirky stuff happening both within the app itself, and at the store during checkout for awhile.

Just keep that in mind, and provide feedback to Target managers and corporate customer service as necessary -- it will help them make the program stronger.  Also, please share your experiences in the comments below as you play around with the app, so other couponers can pick up tips and tricks too!

Join Cartwheel by Target here.

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