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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

San Antonio Walmart Sued For Ripping Up Customer's Cash

-San Antonio Walmart shoppers might want to think twice about paying with cash on their next shopping trip.

The Walmart at 8500 Jones Maltsberger Road is being sued for allegedly ripping up a customer's money when she tried to pay using a $100 bill while Christmas shopping back in December 2010.

According to court documents filed this month, the plaintiff Julia Garcia had attempted to pay for her purchases using a $100 bill and a $50 bill.

Courthouse News reports the cashier thought the $100 bill was fake.

"The cashier inspected the $100 bill, turned to another cashier and had a brief discussion, and returned to her register telling the plaintiff her money was 'fake,'" the complaint states. "The cashier proceeded to rip the $100 bill in half without performing any counterfeit detection tests. The metallic strip in the $100 bill was clearly visible."

After Garcia objected, the cashier marked the $100 bill with a yellow counterfeit detection pen.  The pen left a yellow mark on the bill, which is what happens when a bill is legitimate.

A bitter argument apparently ensued between Garcia, the cashier, and eventually store management, who ultimately called the police and detained the customer until they arrived two hours later.  

The police inspected the $100 bill, found it to be legitimate, and told the Walmart manager on duty he had to replace the customer's money.

Garcia is now seeking damages for false imprisonment, claiming the Walmart loss prevention team refused to let her leave the store until the police got on scene.

The court documents for the case are really interesting reading, and show just how badly a customer service situation can spin out of control with improperly trained employees and/or managers.

What would you do if your money was refused or torn up at a store?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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