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Stockpiling 101

Sometimes you'll see a sale price noted in a post as a *stockpile price*, which means the item is at its lowest sale price likely to be available for quite some time.  

So if you've got the extra cash, that's your alert to go ahead and stock up.

How much should you stockpile of an item?  It depends on your family's habits and the amount of storage space you have, but in general, I recommend purchasing enough to get you through until the next sales cycle rolls around.

For example, toothpaste is usually free every two months or so -- and you know that your family of four uses two tubes per month.  

You would want to get at least four tubes of free toothpaste to carry you through until the freebie rolls around again!

Also, if you find yourself continually writing out the exact same grocery list each week, watch for deals that will allow you to stockpile those items your family continually uses.  

For example, you'll save both time and money if you buy five loaves of bread on sale and freeze what you won't use immediately, as opposed to paying full-price for the same loaf of bread every week.

You'll be surprised at how many perishable items you can stockpile if they're stored correctly -- check out the Food Keeper website to learn how to freeze or store many surprising food items (including milk, eggs, and fresh produce!)

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