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Friday, August 4, 2017

99 Cents Only Stores: Big Savings On Back To School Snacks!

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Here are a few really cool deals I spotted at my local 99 Cents Only store yesterday!

A few things to know about the 99 Cents Only stores -- product changes from location to location, and also daily within the same store. 

So there are no guarantees you'll be able to find the exact same deal in a store near you -- but these should give you a good sense of what kind of deals can be available!

And also, 99 Cents Only stores don't accept coupons.  

So keep in mind that some items you spot on the shelves may be cheaper at Dollar Tree or another chain you can coupon at.

Check out some of the deals I found below:

  •  So basically just a quarter per bag! Walmart sells these for 98 cents each, so this is kind of like a Buy 1 Get 3 FREE deal.

  •  This brand is normally $2.98 and up at HEB, so that's a savings of 67% just by shopping at a different store! Great healthy snack idea!

  • Usually priced around $2.99 per box at grocery stores!

  •  Target sells this brand for up to $3.09 per box!

  •  Typically Fiber One Brownies cost between $2.50 to $2.98 per box at most grocery stores. I like $1 per box much better, don't you?

  •  These types of fruit snacks are usually $2 per box at most grocery stores, so a 50% savings!

  •  Walmart sells this for $3.06 per bag.

  •  This classic kids' cereal can ring in as much as $3.55 per box at grocery stores!

  •  Great price for gifts or donations! I buy blankets for my local animal shelter each holiday season, and this is my purchase price I hunt for.  Now I will know just to head to 99 Cents Only!

  • Another great gift or stocking stuffer idea!

As at any dollar store, remember to check expiration dates closely before buying food product.  

I had no problems at this location yesterday, but I have seen expired food for sale at other 99 Cents Only stores in the past.

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