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Saturday, July 1, 2017

4 Tips To Surviving The New P&G Coupon Restrictions

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If you haven't heard the news, we have some big changes coming to the P&G coupon inserts this weekend!

Starting with the July 2 P&G insert, all coupons will now have a limit of two like coupons per household per day.

That's a change from the previous fine print, which limited shoppers to four like coupons per transaction.

So if you are looking to stockpile your favorite P&G products like Tide and Pampers, you may find yourself making more trips to the store going forward!

P&G has instituted these changes in the hopes that inventory will last longer in the stores, and that shoppers will find empty shelves on a hot sale less frequently.

But I know a lot of readers are worried that this new restriction will just make it more difficult to coupon these brands.

So here are a couple of suggestions to consider building into your coupon routines:

  • Find a reliable coupon buddy.  If you need to stock up on a P&G brand, it helps to have another person shopping for you! That way, you could get two items per day and your buddy can grab another two.  This works best when you are buddying up but don't need the same brands -- so if you have babies at home, you might want a coupon buddy with no or older kids that can pick up your Pampers!
  • Scale down your stockpile expectations.  In general, P&G deals roll around more frequently than other brands do -- so maybe you don't really need a year's worth of laundry detergent.  Consider stockpiling two to three month's worth of product instead -- it will be easier to replace stock as you go under these new, more restrictive coupon guidelines.
  • Consider shopping at CVS.  The CVS Extra Care loyalty card tracks your purchases for you, which means you don't have to buy everything in a single transaction to receive Extra Bucks (their bounceback program.)  This will definitely come in handy now that you can only buy two like P&G items per day with coupons!  If you haven't couponed at CVS before or need a refresher, you can go here for my FREE how-to guide!
  • Consider trying other non-P&G brands.  If it really frustrates you when brands institute these kind of restrictions, putting your $$$ where your mouth is can express your displeasure very effectively (especially when paired with a tweet or other social media outreach to that company.)  My friend Tracey over at Here's Your Savings recently let go of her life-long Tide obsession and shifted to Persil -- she says she gets better deals AND better laundry results!

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