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Friday, May 13, 2016

GoodRX: Save Up To 80% Off Prescription Med Costs!

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Wow!  Here's an awesome new website and phone app devoted to saving you money on your prescription medicines!

GoodRX offers drug price search to compare prices (just like you do for travel or electronics on other sites) for your prescription at pharmacies near you.

Just go here to sign up, then punch in your prescription to see the range of prices at pharmacies around your zip code.

You can even print coupons for some of your meds to bring the costs down further.  GoodRX says we can save up to 80% off the original costs of some meds! 

Here's an example so you can see GoodRX in action:

My dog Jackson takes Trazadone for anxiety around thunderstorms.  

I have always just brought his prescription to my neighborhood pharmacy, for a cost of around $7 per fill.

But when I punched his medicine into GoodRX, I learned that I could be saving $3 just by taking it to HEB or Walmart instead!

Prescription costs can really add up for families, so I love knowing how to compare costs and being able to print coupons to pay less out of pocket.

It's also totally free to use the website or app, and they don't require confidential information!

Sign up for GoodRX here.

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