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Sunday, April 24, 2016

New Updates To The Walgreens Balance Rewards System!

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We have some breaking news tonight about the Walgreens Balance Rewards program -- and I think many couponers are going to be really pleased about this new info!

Word on the street is that we can now earn Balance Rewards points AND redeem points in the same transaction!
There's no official update that I could find on the Walgreens site yet.  However, Christie from Wild for Wags tested this in her neighborhood store today, and was in fact able to purchase a deal that earned Balance Rewards points, and was able to pay with points she had previously earned!

I recommend you go read Christie's whole post here, but here are the highlights I took away from her experience:
  • An unit-level offer (for example, Buy 2 bags of M&Ms and get 2000 Balance Rewards points) can be paid for in part or completely with previously earned points.
  • You will also earn EveryDay points (assuming you've signed up for that portion of the Balance Rewards program) on unit-level offers, but only on the portion NOT paid for by points.  For example, if you buy those two bags of M&Ms above for $5, and use $3 worth of Balance Rewards points, you would only earn EveryDay points on the $2 you paid for out of pocket.  Go here to sign up for EveryDay points.
  • A threshold-level offer (for example, Spend $30 and get 5000 Balance Rewards points) will NOT earn points if you use points to pay for your purchase.
We don't know yet whether Balance Rewards points will begin showing up more rapidly on our accounts -- so for now, assume you will still need to wait a day or two after purchasing an offer before your points are available to use.

If you're not familiar with this program at all, you can go here for a quick video guide.

Big thanks to Christie, and also to my reader Joanna for the heads-up on this change!

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