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Friday, March 11, 2016

Possibly Three Coupon Inserts In The March 13 Newspapers!

Rumor has it that the March 13 newspapers are going to have another big round of coupon inserts!

Word on the street is we will see two Red Plum inserts and one Smartsource insert this weekend (if you don't know what that means, go here for my how-to guide.)

Here in the San Antonio area, we just saw a price increase on our weekend papers from $2 to $3 apiece.

So I am hopeful that we will be seeing these weeks of big coupons more frequently in exchange for the price increase!

Here are some of the big name brands we may see in the March 13 coupon inserts:

  • Save $7 off Crest White Strips
  • Save $5 off 2 Pampers (no word on size restrictions yet)
  • Save $3 off 2 Pantene
  • Save $3 off Complete Multi-Purpose Solution
  • Save $4 off 2 L'Oreal Advanced Hair Care (use these for 99-cent bottles at CVS starting Sunday!)
  • Save $2 off Noxzema Razors
  • Save $2 off Infusium 23
  • Save $2 off Pert Plus
  • Save $4 off Schick Razors
Remember, I always urge shoppers to physically verify that all of their expected coupon inserts are in the paper before purchasing.  

In other words, be sure to stand there and flip through the paper before you check out -- it will save you a lot of heartache!

I also recommend that you snag one set of inserts for each member of your household.  So for example, if you have four family members in your house, you would want to get four papers.

That way, you will have enough coupons to really stock up when a terrific sale rolls around!

See more ways to get coupons for your binder here.