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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Target Haul: Angel Soft Toilet Paper $4.24 Per 36-Count Pack!

I just wanted to show everyone a little online haul I did tonight at the Target website!

I had $20 worth of free Target gift cards burning a hole in my pocket from last week's Clorox deal, but I didn't feel like going to the store (it's getting cold out there!)

So I decided to use the gift cards on an order of Angel Soft toilet paper!

Here's how the math worked out:

  • Angel Soft® Toilet Paper 36 Double Rolls -- on sale for $14.99 per pack online, with a free $5 Target gift card back when you buy two in the same transaction (and free shipping when you spend $25 or more!)
  • I bought two packs for $29.98, then used my $20 Target gift cards and my Target RedCard (which took another $1.50 off my purchase.)
  • So my toilet paper only cost me $8.48 out of pocket (before tax) AND I have another free $5 Target gift card headed my way.  You can choose to have your gift card emailed or texted to you (if you want to use them online on another purchase) or you can do what I did, which was have a physical card mailed to me.  That way, I have a choice whether to use the card online or in the store next time.
  • That works out to just $4.24 per big pack, or a mere 6 cents per regular-sized roll, plus my new $5 gift card!
Also, note that you can go through Ebates for an additional 2% cash back -- plus remember, new Ebates users receive a free $10 gift card with their first qualified purchase of $25 or more.

So if you have gift cards to use and haven't signed up with Ebates yet, check out this deal:
  • Sign up for Ebates, then use their search bar (it's on the top of the Ebates page) to log into the Target site.  That will track your purchases so Ebates knows you're qualified for cash-back.
  • Buy your two packs of Angel Soft for $29.98.
  • Use your $20 worth of Target gift cards.
  • Pay $9.98 out of pocket plus whatever tax is for you in your city.  You won't have to pay shipping, since you spent more than $25 before your gift cards were applied.
  • Then you'll receive not only the free $10 gift card from Ebates, but you'll also score your extra $5 gift card from Target!   Just keep in mind that the Ebates gift card is mailed to you, so you won't have it available for a couple of weeks.
If you don't have Target gift cards to spend, there is a very good toilet paper deal available in stores that doesn't require them -- go here to see that.

And don't forget to sign up for my free Facebook coupon class all about Target tips and tricks!