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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

TopCashBack Black Friday Deals: Get Paid To Buy A Star Wars Mug!

Here's yet another example of another HOT freebie that brand-new TopCashBack members can snag tonight!

After your special $15 rebate offer at Kmart, you could get a terrific price on this Star Wars Ceramic Mug -- in fact, you can get PAID to either pick it up in store, or have it shipped to your house!

Here's how the deal works out.  Please keep in mind this is for NEW TopCashBack members only:

  • First things first: You'll need to go join TopCashBack, which is a rebate shopping site that gives you cash back on the purchases you make at various major websites (like Walmart and Amazon!)
  • Once you've joined Top Cash Back and logged into your account, go here to see the details of the free offer.
  • From that link above, you can click through to shop at the Kmart site.
  • Once you've clicked through to the Kmart site, search for:
  • Star Wars Collage Ceramic Mug -- on sale for $5.99.
  • IMPORTANT:  Transactions must only contain one item purchased from Kmart priced between $1 and $20 to ensure $15 cashback is credited to TopCashback accounts.  If you buy more than one item in your order, you won't receive your rebate.
  • Check out as you normally would.  If you live by a Kmart, you can choose free in-store pickup.  Otherwise, shipping was $5.99 for me -- so my final price was $11.98 plus tax.
  • Your $15 rebate will show up in your TopCashBack account within 7 business days, and turn 'payable' within 14 business days.  (This is pretty common for most rebate sites like TopCashBack/Ebates/Mr. Rebates -- they want to make sure people are not returning product and still getting their rebates.)
  • If you chose in-store pickup, your mug is FREE, plus you earn a whopping $9.01 in profit (minus tax, of course.)
  • If you had it shipped, your mug is still FREE, but your profit drops to $3.02 minus whatever tax you paid.
I know the list of steps might seem a little intimidating, but it is actually pretty simple to do.  I did a similar freebie deal when I first joined TopCashBack and it went really smoothly for me.

Also, while this deal is limited to one $15 rebate per TopCashBack account, each adult in your household can sign up for their own TopCashBack account under their own email address.

So if you have already signed up in the past for TopCashBack -- or if you did the Huggies freebie or the fleece throw money-maker I just posted -- you can certainly get your husband, wife, mom, or any other Star Wars fans you might know to do this deal instead!