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Saturday, November 21, 2015

DSW Shopping Haul: Spent $59.45, Saved $193.08!

I just wanted to show everyone my final picks from my DSW shopping extravaganza yesterday!

Readers in my Saving Pennies Nickels Dimes and Dollars coupon group know that I have been raking in some AWESOME coupons in my mail the past couple of weeks.

Well, DSW sent me not one but two coupons in the mail recently -- a $10 coupon from my DSW Rewards card, AND a $20 off $49 coupon.

And better still, at DSW you can stack both types of coupons in the same transaction for additional savings!

So here's the breakdown on what I bought:

  • Lauren Ralph Lauren Swanfield Leather Tote -- originally priced at $198, but marked down to to 50% off $99.94.  So that's $49.97, or 75% off original retail price even before coupons!
  • Rocket Dog Jiggy Ballet Flats -- priced at $34.95.  
  • So before coupons, both items were $84.92.
  • I used my $10 Rewards coupon first to knock my price down to $74.92.
  • Next, my cashier scanned my $20 off $49 coupon, which popped me down to $54.92 for both items -- or $59.45 after tax.
  • That's less than $30 per item!

Now, if I had really stuck to my guns and just bought the tote like I planned, I would have paid only $19.97 plus tax after stacked coupons.

But seriously, those Rocket Dog flats are hands-down the most comfortable shoes I have EVER tried on.  I couldn't pass them up, even though they put me over my planned purchase limit!

Don't have any DSW coupons in your collection?  You still might want to shop this weekend -- through November 22, DSW Rewards members who spend $75 or more will earn $20 back in Rewards to use starting December 7!

So if you snag both of these items without coupons, you'll pay $84.92, and then get $20 back to use on a later purchase.  That's like a final price of $64.92, which is still an excellent deal!