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Friday, November 13, 2015

Amazon Prime Now App: My Shopping Haul + Review!

Looking for a way to save both time AND money on your grocery shopping?

The Amazon Prime Now app may be the answer!

I just tested the Amazon Prime Now service last night and was super pleased with the experience -- and the price!

If you're not familiar with Amazon Prime Now, it's a new delivery service specifically for Prime members.

(Not a Prime member?  Go here to sign up for a free 30-day trial subscription!)

You can score your orders within one hour for a delivery charge of $7.99, or you can schedule it later the same day or next for FREE!  Guess which one I picked! :D

Plus, use coupon code GETITNOW to take $20 off your first delivery order of $50 or more.

Here's more info about how my order process worked:

First things first: You need to download the Amazon Prime Now app and sign into your Amazon account to ensure the program is operating in your zip code.

Then start browsing for what you're interested in buying!

I knew I wanted to do a shopping haul for my local food bank, so I went to Groceries and sorted by Low to High to see what kind of sales were available.

I really found some amazing prices -- these packets of Knorr Rice Sides were just 43 cents each!  They are priced at 98 cents apiece at my local grocery store.

Once I placed my complete order, I chose my mailing address from my saved Amazon addresses, entered in the GETITNOW coupon code to take $20 off, and chose my delivery time.

Note there's also a place to enter in a tip for your delivery driver.  I'm so glad I did that because my driver hauled 7 big bags of groceries right up to my front door for me!

Then I basically went about my business until my doorbell rang promptly at 11am this morning -- smack in the middle of my delivery window.

It really couldn't have been any easier!

Here's a complete look at what I bought in case anyone else wants to shop for their local food bank or church pantry:

  • Knorr Creamy Chicken Rice Sides -- priced at 43 cents per packet.
  • Brach's Autumn Mix -- priced at 46 cents per bag.
  • Betty Crocker Corn Muffin Mix -- priced at 55 cents per pouch.
  • Kitchen Basics Beef Stock -- priced at 75 cents per carton.
  • Health Valley Cream of Chicken Soup -- priced at 65 cents per can.
  • S&W Kidney Beans, 50% Less Sodium -- priced at 75 cents per can.
  • Campbell's Classics Cream of Potato Condensed Soup -- priced at 89 cents per can.
  • Bisquick Heart Smart Baking Mix -- priced at 96 cents per box!  These were the big 40 oz boxes too, so I was thrilled with this one.
All 74 items rang in at a pre-coupon price of $51.29, so $31.49 after coupon code and tax (plus the $5 tip for the driver.)

So my final price for everything was just $36.49, or a mere 49 cents per item!

I think that's a terrific price for what I received -- and I'm sure the food bank will be excited to receive it as well!

NOTE: You can absolutely choose other addresses if you want to ship something to a friend or family member's house, or straight to the charity of your choice.  

I just wanted to be able to take photos of my haul for this review -- otherwise I would have sent this directly to GRASP, which is the food outreach program in my area.

Also, Amazon Now isn't just for groceries -- you can shop for pet supplies, video games, office products, and all sorts of other stuff on the app!

Are you planning on trying the Amazon Now delivery service -- or have you already tried out the service?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!