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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Free Applebee's Bonus Gift Card Worth Up To $25!

The Applebee's Mystery Value Bonus Card promotion has just kicked off!

From now through January 4, 2016, you can request a free bonus card to be emailed to you!

The mystery bonus cards will be worth anywhere from $5 to $25, and can be used at Applebee's locations between now and February 28, 2016.

It looks like a total of around 800,000 bonus cards are available, with about a half million of those cards at $10 or higher.

So that's good odds you will get a free lunch or dinner out of the deal!

To get your free bonus card, hand print your name, complete address, and email address (required) on a postcard and then mail the postcard to:

  • Applebee’s Mystery Value Bonus Card Request
  • PO Box 1579
  • Palatine, IL 60078-1579

Your bonus card will show up in your email about 30 days after your request is received.

You can also send in a second postcard for your chance to win a $500 bonus card:

  • Applebee's Mystery Value Bonus Card Random Drawing
  • P.O. Box 2180
  • Palatine, IL 60078-2180

Read more about the Applebee's Mystery Value Bonus Card here.

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