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Monday, August 17, 2015

CVS Deals: Get Paid To Buy Little Remedies Saline!

Here's a HOT money-maker deal kicking off at CVS starting Sunday, August 23.

After all discounts, we can snag a FREE box of Little Remedies Saline Spray & Drops, plus $1.01 profit on the transaction!

Here's how the math works out:

  • Little Remedies -- on sale for $4.99 per box, with $4 back in Extra Bucks.
  • Use this $2 off coupon.
  • You'll pay $2.99 out of pocket, then earn your $4 back in Extra Bucks to use on a future transaction.
  • Your final price is FREE, plus $1.01 profit!
If you don't have little ones at home, consider snagging this as a donation for your local women's shelter or food bank -- they can get it to folks who can use it!