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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

CVS Deals: 75% Off Select Children's Toys!

Be sure to swing by your neighborhood CVS location this week -- today, if possible! -- to check out an unadvertised clearance on select children's toys and summer products!

Be aware that most stores have NOT put signs up announcing this clearance event, so you'll need to price check items at the CVS Coupon Center to see if they're discounted.

It was worth it for me to put in that few minutes of work, however -- here are the items I snagged at a full 75% off retail price:

  • Play-Doh Soft Packs -- marked down to 42 cents per pack, down from $1.99 apiece!
  • Discovery Kids Bubble Blowers -- marked down to $1.75 each, down from $6.99!
  • Hello Kitty Bowling Set -- marked down to $2.49, down from $9.99!
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Miniature Golf Course -- marked down to $2.49, down from $9.99!
So I paid $8.19 for all five items including tax, down from an original shelf price of $30.97.  Not a bad addition to my gift closet!