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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Walmart Shopping Haul: $13.84 Money-Maker On Greeting Cards!

Here's a HOT money-maker available on American Greetings cards at Walmart on Wednesday, July 1 only!

I was able to pick up 20 cards for FREE, plus earn $13.84 in profit, through the today-only 'Up to 3X Cash Back' offer on my Snap by Groupon app!

Depending on how much you buy, you can earn up to an additional $30 cash back on your purchases.

The more we submit, the more we earn:

  • Submit one rebate of up to $1, get 1.5 times the amount back (so a $1 rebate would actually earn you $1.50.)
  • Submit five or more rebates of up to $1, get twice the amount back (so a $1 rebate will earn you $2.)
  • Submit 10 rebates of up to $1, get THREE TIMES the amount back (so a $1 rebate will earn you $3!)
So here's the deal I did at Walmart:
  • American Greetings Cards -- assorted cards priced between 47 cents and 97 cents each.
  • I bought 20 for a total of $16.16 after tax.
  • Next, I submitted for 10 $1 off 2 Snap by Groupon rebates, which tripled to a total of $30 back.
  • So all 20 cards are FREE, plus I'll earn $13.84 for my shopping!
Now, if you really just want to maximize your profit, I recommend buying 20 cards priced at 47 cents each.

You'll pay $9.40 out of pocket, and then you can still earn your $30 after the triple bonus event.  So that's a possible money-maker of $21.60!

I don't personally shop that often at Walmart, but that kind of money-maker will make me get dressed and hit the store for sure!

Remember, the 'Up to 3X Cash Back' offer is running today, Wednesday, July 1 ONLY -- so you do have to go today and submit your receipt today if you're interested.