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Friday, June 12, 2015

Ask The Couponers: Which Store Is The Friendliest To Coupon At?

I'm testing a new regular feature here on Spend Less, Shop More, where I ask regular readers to chime in with their thoughts and experiences!

It's called Ask The Couponers, and each week we'll cover a different topic in the world of couponing.

This week, I want to know which stores you think are the most coupon-friendly, and why?

If you like a particular store location, feel free to give them a shout-out in the comments too!

For example, I love love love couponing at CVS in general, but especially at my two home stores in Universal City.

Both stores have really well-trained cashiers in my experience, and they are willing to help me track down deals that I've heard about online.

In fact, all I have to say at my Pat Booker location is, "I'm testing something" and my cashiers know there could be a good deal coming their way and mine.

The cashiers at Pat Booker also tease me if I miss a week or two -- they want to know where I've been!  It's that kind of welcome that makes me more likely to pop in, even on a slow couponing week.

Which are your favorite chains, stores, and locations to coupon at?  Share your thoughts in the comments!