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Friday, June 19, 2015

Ask The Couponers: What Stresses You Out About Couponing?

I'm testing a new regular feature here on Spend Less, Shop More, where I ask regular readers to chime in with their thoughts and experiences!

It's called Ask The Couponers, and each week we'll cover a different topic in the world of couponing.

This week, I want to know what stresses you out most about couponing!  

I figure it will help me help you better, and I also bet other readers will be able to chime in with tips and solutions.

For example, my personal weird challenge is that I write so much about coupons and deals that I frequently don't want to go out and shop -- my brain is already tired of thinking of it!

That might actually work in my favor, because I'm not out chasing every deal -- I only get items that my family uses and when they are at the lowest stockpile price.

But it's still kinda funny, especially when readers ask to shop with me.  I always tell them, "It's not interesting -- all I need is milk!" lol

So what are the things that currently stress you out or make you anxious about couponing?  I would love to hear about it in the comments!