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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quiz: How Thrifty Are You Really? Find Out In 30 Seconds

Ever wonder how thrifty you really are?

I know I often talk about throwing money away, but today I saw actual cash in a trash can for the first time.

 I was walking into CVS to get my $2 Diet Coke 12-Packs, and as I passed the overflowing trash can by the front doors, I noticed a dollar bill wedged in the corner on the very top.

For what it's worth, the dollar bill didn't look like it had any visible stains or smudges on it.

So here's the thirty-second test:

What would you have done?  Would you have picked the dollar bill out of the trash, or passed it by?

Would it have made a difference if it was a $5 bill?  A $10? $20?

Would it have made a difference if it was inside a recycling bin?

I'm dying to know what you would have done in this situation.

For what it's worth -- I didn't pick up the dollar bill.

But I thought about it all the way home!