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Monday, March 23, 2015

CVS Deals: Pantene Hair Care As Low As 22 Cents Each

We have a HOT deal on Pantene Shampoo, Conditioner, and Stylers kicking off at CVS on Sunday, March 29!

Depending on your mix of coupons, you could pick up hair care products for as low as 22 cents each after all discounts!

That's more than 90% off the 3 for $10 sale price in stores that week!

Here's how the math works out for two different scenarios -- one fairly simple, the other a little more complicated.  You'll have to choose which one you want to do based on your coupons and what you find in stock at your neighborhood stores.

Pantene Scenario #1 -- Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner -- on sale 3 for $10, with $10 back in Extra Bucks when you buy $30 or more March 29 - April 4, 2015.
  • Buy nine bottles for a pre-coupon price of $30.  
  • NOTE: You don't have to buy all of these at once -- CVS tracks your Extra Bucks purchases on your Extra Care card, so it's totally fine if you need to go to multiple stores to get your total of nine.  Your $10 in Extra Bucks will print on your final transaction once you've purchased the ninth bottle.
  • Use three $5 off 3 coupons from either the 3/1 P&G inserts (expires 3/31) or from the 3/29 P&G inserts.
  • You'll pay $15 out of pocket for all nine bottles, and then you'll get your $10 back in Extra Bucks.
  • So that's like a final price of $5 for all nine bottles, or 56 cents each!
Pantene Scenario #2 -- Stylers
  • Buy nine stylers for a pre-coupon price of $30.  I recommend buying these in three transactions of three each, in order to be able to use all of your coupons (P&G coupons limit shoppers to using only four per transaction.)
  • Use nine $2 off coupons from either the 2/22 or the 3/15 Smartsource inserts (both expire on March 31, 2015.)  Those coupons will take a total of $18 off your purchase.
  • So you'll pay $12 out of pocket for all nine bottles, and then you'll get your $10 back in Extra Bucks.
  • That's a final price of $2 for nine stylers -- or 22 cents apiece!
Don't forget Pantene also qualifies for the current $15 P&G rebate as well!