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Monday, January 19, 2015

Dollar Shave Club: Snag $6 Back Through Top Cash Back

Here's a sweet new offer on Dollar Shave Club products through Top Cash Back -- you can score up to $6 back on your first shipment!

Depending on which razor you order, that means you could be paying as little as $2 shipped for a non-disposable razor plus four cartridges.

And you can cancel your membership at any time if you don't like the service!

Here's how to score your deal through Top Cash Back:

  • First things first: You'll need to go join Top Cash Back, which is a rebate shopping site that gives you cash back on the purchases you make at various major websites (like Walmart and Amazon!)
  • Once you've signed up for your account, come back to this link and click a second time, then search "Dollar Shave Club" in the search bar.
  • Click through to the Dollar Shave Club site.  Any purchases you make within 7 days will be recorded and applied to your Top Cash Back account.
  • Choose your razor -- either the Humble Twin ($1 per month plus $2 S&H), the 4X ($6 per month, plus free shipping) or the Executive ($9 per month, plus free shipping.)  Each box comes with the non-disposable razor you chose, plus four refill cartridges for the 4X or Executive razors, or five refill cartridges for the Humble Twin.
  • Depending on the box you choose, you'll either receive $1 back (for the Humble Twin), $4 back (for the 4X), or $6 back (for the Executive.)
  • So your final price for your first box after cash back is either $2 (for the Humble Twin), $2 (for the 4X), or $3 (for the Executive.)
Just as a comparison, you can easily spend $10 to $12 before coupons on a non-disposable razor, and a four or five-pack cartridge refill can be up to $25 or more!

Admittedly, coupons can drop your price quite a bit in stores, but this way you don't have to invest time in shopping and dealing with cleared shelves (razors are one of the most couponed items!)  Instead, everything just gets shipped directly to you.

And like I said, you can cancel your membership after your first box if you aren't loving the product!