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Monday, December 29, 2014

Walmart Deals: $1 Or Less Through January 3, 2015

Walmart freebies and dollar deals
Here are some great Walmart deals under $1 to snag at your local store through January 3, 2015

Remember that Walmart does vary their shelf prices from area to area, and sometimes even from one side of town to the other -- so you may find your prices a few pennies higher or lower at your store.  
Your coupons may have regional values as well.

FAIR WARNING: Walmart changed its coupon policy recently, and will now only allow 4 like coupons per transaction in an effort to cut down on shelf-clearing.  So be sure to update your coupon binder with the new policy -- you can print it here.

Best dollar deals at Walmart through January 3, 2015

  • Truvia Natural Sweetener-- 40-count box priced at $2.98 each.  Use this $2 off coupon to pay 98 cents out of pocket, then submit for the $1 Ibotta rebate and the current $1 SavingStar rebate.  You'll get yours for free, plus you'll earn $1.02 profit on the transaction!
  • Cascade Action Pacs -- on sale for $3.99 per bag.  Submit for this Try Me Free rebate (good through 12/31 only) and get yours for free!
  • Firefly Peanuts Toothbrushes -- 2-count packs on sale for $1 each.  Use the $1 off coupon from the 5/4 Smartsource inserts (expires 12/31) and grab yours for free!
  • Delsym Cough Syrup -- priced at $9.42 per box and up.  Submit for this Try Me Free rebate and grab yourself a free box!
  • Crest Toothpaste -- priced at 94 cents per box and up.  Use the 75 cents off coupon from the 12/28 P&G insert, and pick yours up for 19 cents.
  • Lipton Tea & Honey -- priced at $1.24 per box.  Use this $1 off coupon (sort by Beverages to find it fast) and get yours for just 24 cents.
  • Scotch Brite Scrub Sponges -- priced at 96 cents per pack, but click here to see how you can grab yours for 46 cents instead!
  • Christmas Themed Dog Toys -- on clearance for 50% off, with sale prices starting at 46 cents and up!
  • Vidal Sassoon Shampoo or Conditioner -- priced at $2.47 per bottle.  Use the $2 off coupon from the 12/7 Red Plum insert, and grab yours for 47 cents.
  • Christmas Ornaments -- on clearance for 50% off, with sale prices starting at 50 cents and up!
  • Downy Ball -- priced at $2.26 each.  Buy three for a pre-coupon price of $6.78, then use the $5 off 3 coupon from the 12/28 P&G insert.  Your price drops to $1.78 for all three, or 59 cents each!
  • Johnson’s Safety Swabs -- priced at $1.38 per pack.  Buy two and use this $1.50 off 2 coupon (sort by Baby & Toddler to find it fast.)  Your new price falls to 63 cents per pack.
  • Always Discreet Liners -- 26-count bags priced at $2.72 each.  Use the $2 off coupon from the 12/28 P&G insert, and grab yours for 72 cents.
  • Martha White Mixes -- priced at 98 cents per pouch.  Buy five and use this $1 off 5 coupon (sort by Food to find it fast.)  That drops your price down to 78 cents apiece.
  • Sunsweet Amazin Diced Prunes -- priced at $1.98 per bag.  Use this $1 off coupon and get yours for 98 cents.