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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Starbucks Deals: Christmas Blonde Roast 22 Cents Per K-Cup

Here's a HOT deal available on Starbucks Christmas Blonde Roast K-Cups over at the Starbucks website right now!

After all discounts, including after-Christmas sale, coupon codes, and Ebates, we can score 24-count boxes for as low as $5.33 per box.

That's just 22 cents per K-Cup, which is very nearly 50% less than my personal stock-up price of 40 cents per K-Cup!

Just as a comparison, at the Target after-Christmas sale, I was thrilled to get the regular 12-count K-Cup boxes for $4.98 per box.  And that involved driving and fighting the day after Christmas crowds!

Here's how the math works out:

  • First things first: go log into your Ebates account, or sign up for a new Ebates account if you don't have one.  It's free to join, and new users receive a free $10 gift card with their first qualified purchase of $25 or more!
  • Next, search Ebates for the Starbucks Store, and click through their link to receive 3.5% cash back on your purchase.
  • Once at the Starbucks Store, search for "Christmas Blonde Roast K-Cups", and you'll see it pop up on a drop-down menu under the search box.
  • Click that link.
  • Starbucks normally has the 24-count boxes of Christmas Blonde Roast K-Cups priced at $19.95, but they are marked down to $9.98 each right now.
  • Buy three for a pre-coupon price of $29.94, then use coupon code MSREXTRA for an additional 10% off at checkout.  This coupon code is good through January 5, 2015 only!
  • That takes your price down to $26.94 for all three big boxes.  Plus you'll get your 3.5% cash back (about 94 cents) and new Ebates users will receive that $10 gift card.
  • So current Ebates users will pay a final price of  $26 for all three boxes.  That works out to $8.67 per box, or 36 cents per K-Cup.
  • New Ebates users, on the other hand, will pay a final price of $16 for everything.  That works out to just $5.33 per 24-count box, or 22 cents per K-Cup!