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Monday, August 20, 2012

Confirmed: Dollar Tree To Accept Coupons Beginning August 26, 2012

Dollar Tree confirmed on their Facebook page today that stores across the country would soon begin accepting coupons -- many as soon as August 26, 2012!

Here are the basics of the new Dollar Tree coupon policy:

Dollar Tree Coupon Guidelines

  • Only 2 LIKE coupons will be allowed per transaction.
  • Coupons that give you a free item when purchasing a select item will not be allowed. 
  • Only 2 internet printed coupons per transaction.
  • No retailer specific coupons -- so they won't accept CVS or Target coupons or anything like that.
  • No BOGO coupons will be accepted.
  • No overage will be given on coupons if the value is higher than the shelf price.
  • No Free Product Coupons -- either printables or newspaper coupons!
  • No coupons that require the cashier to write in the amount on the coupon will be accepted.
You can print the entire Dollar Tree coupon policy here for your coupon binder.

So those are relatively stringent guidelines, but I think overall we will be able to find some really good deals here now.

For example, the Dollar Tree by my house carries Weight Watchers Smart Ones desserts for $1 each -- and there were $1 off coupons recently over on  So those will be free if you still have that coupon!

Are you excited about couponing at Dollar Tree -- will this store make your regular rotation?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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