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CVS Shopping Haul: 12 Items for 6 Cents!

I had a fine time spending my CVS Quarterly Extra Bucks rewards today!

In fact, I was able to stack those rewards,  plus other CVS and manufacturer coupons, to get everything you see here for a final price of just six cents.

There's 12 items in the picture, so that is half a cent per item!

First things first: I knew I had $4.50 in Quarterly Extra Bucks to use, and I was going to stack them with a CVS coupon good for 30% off my total purchase that I got in my email over the weekend.

My goal was to mainly buy things that weren't on sale -- because the CVS 30% off coupon wasn't good on sale or clearance items.

I don't think I've ever had a shopping goal of buying full-price items before!

Next, I went to the CVS Coupon Center and got a couple of sweet surprises when I scanned my Extra Care card.

I got a coupon for a FREE box of Cort-Aid anti-itch cream, good for up to $5.99.

And I also got a coupon for $3 off any brush.  Woot!

So here's what I bought:

  • 3 Diet Coke 1.25 liters -- priced at 99 cents per bottle, so $2.97 for all three.  I had really wanted the 2-liter bottles on sale for 79 cents this week, but my store was already out.  (I'll go get a rain check tomorrow if they aren't back in stock.)
  • 2 boxes of Duncan Hines brownie mix -- priced at $1 each, so $2 for both.
  • Nivea Soft Creme tin -- priced at 99 cents each, with $2 back in Register Rewards.  So this was a $1.01 money-maker!
  • Cort-Aid Max -- priced at $6.29.  So my coupon knocked off $5.99 of that price.
  • 4 Belvita blueberry biscuits single packs -- priced at 99 cents each, so $3.96 for all.
  • Conair brush -- priced at $2.99 each.
My pre-coupon price was $19.20 before all my coupons.  Here's what I used:
  • my $4.50 Quarterly Extra Bucks;
  • my coupon for a free Cort-Aid, which took $5.99 off my total;
  • my coupon for $3 off any brush, which made my brush free; 
  • two BOGO Belvita coupons (good up to 88 cents each) that I printed from Coupons.com today;
  • and my 30% off CVS coupon.
Now, the register took the 30% off coupon last, so that knocked down my price out of pocket to $2.06 cents after tax.

Then I got my $2 Extra Bucks for buying the Nivea creme tin -- so my final price was just 6 cents!

So needless to say I'm very pleased with all of my purchases, even though I didn't get the Diet Coke 2-liters like I wanted, and even though I didn't know I was going to be buying the Cort-Aid and the brush.  Those two items are already in my donation bag in the trunk of my car!

Your turn: What did you buy with your Quarterly Extra Bucks?  I'd love to hear about your deals in the comments section below.

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  1. Very Impressive! I used to use coupons all the time but stopped for the past 2 years. Reading posts like this inspire me to get back into the swing of things!

    Liz @ South Texas Wifey

  2. Im going in about an hour with some of your finds!!!! I heard that you can buy up to 4 of the Nivea tins and still receive the $2 ECB - those are great stocking stuffers, and for your nail cuticle's this summer :)


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