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Sunday, March 25, 2012

CVS: What to do if your Extra Bucks don't print

Have you ever been totally excited about a hot CVS deal, then bummed out because your Extra Bucks didn't print?  Here are some tips on what to do if your Extra Bucks don't print on the bottom of your receipt.

First things first, double-check your deal to make sure what you bought qualified for Extra Bucks in the first place.  That's happened to me personally -- doing a deal at CVS that I really meant to pick up at Walgreens!  

If you catch the error while you're in the store, it's a snap to return the products -- and your cashier can usually give your coupons back.

If you've double-checked yourself and you know the deal is legit, ask your cashier to manually print your Extra Bucks.  Many times, your cashier or manager on duty can take care of your issue that way with little fuss.

What if you've gotten home and realized your Extra Bucks were missing?  You have two options at that point.  If you've registered your Extra Care card online at CVS, you can sign into your account and print your Extra Bucks directly from your printer.  

If you haven't registered your card, or your printer's not working, you can call CVS at 1-800-746-7287 and explain the situation.  You'll need to have your Extra Care card number and your receipt information on hand so your customer service rep can credit your card with the Extra Bucks.  After about three days, your Extra Bucks will be available to print from the CVS coupon center in-store.

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